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Once upon a time, I was a regular girl living her bland 'normal' supremely uneventful life. And then... fandom happened.

current happenings: the mindy project, almost human, hawaii five-0, one direction,

things that won't ever stop happening: supernatural, doctor who, merlin, harry potter, hannibal, bollywood, social justice issues
Aug 30 '14



Aug 30 '14


Harriet Tubman was one of the first ecofeminists but ppl sleep on her b/c she was a Black woman. But it takes such a vast and deep knowledge of geography, ecology, hydrology, soil science, sedimentology,etc to be able to come back and forth from The States to Canada and never get caught and cover your tracks all throughout Northern Appalachia and New England, at all times of the year, 100+ times, freeing 70+ families. Like how many of y’all can go  from here to the next state over with the stars and the land only as your help, and get your location?!?!?!? 

Harriet should be the shining exemplar for eco feminism. Y’all need to have her erected in all y’alls buildings/institutions tbh. Stop  sleepin.

Aug 30 '14
Aug 30 '14


i’m pretty sure this


is the same sweater as this


Aug 30 '14

DC Comics Superheroine & the First Lady of Comics: Lois Lane
↳ “Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s Superman”

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Aug 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

Sorry, but you are wrong on the most extensive vocabulary as well. Where do you get these things from? I have watched and listened to almost every single interview of the boys since the X Factor and Zayn is no smarter nor more articulate than the other men in 1D. Yes, please send evidence of his astuteness or how he is a bookworm (comic books?). The fact is Zayn reveals very little of himself in interviews, doesn't really answer questions, so fans are left to make up who they think he is.


(2)Just wanted to clarify that I am not saying Zayn isn’t smart (we really don’t know if he is or not. There is NO evidence either way, whether from what he says or does); just don’t make him out to be more than what he is. Zayn seems like a great fellow. I don’t want to flog this horse any longer. I actually like what I see of the guy. Is he an intellectual? The jury is out.

i mean, you’ve obviously already made up your mind about this, and you’re going to think whatever you want to think, so i’m really not even going to put very much effort into this and go search the internet for direct examples of all the ways zayn has shown his intelligence because i’m still at work. but ok, i literally just reblogged a post about zayn being smart today so let’s do this.

first of all, zayn being a fan of comic books doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also read other books. since you’ve seen so many of their interviews, you know zayn literally wanted to major in literature and become an english teacher (a major that obviously requires some major reading).

“If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be at uni. I wanted to, and still quite want to, do an English degree. It’s frustrating because I don’t get any time to read on tour.” (x)

from where we are:


the fact that he reads a lot (and not just comic books) is something i’ve seen him mention in quite a lot in interviews, so you can search around for that a bit if you fancy.

and not only does he read a lot, he wants to write a book (and yes it’s a comic book but those require storylines, so let’s not just write them off how about):

If Zayn’s not in the studio he’s doodling on his notepad. He doesn’t think his drawings are much to rave about, he says he’s the worst artist in his family but he still dreams of releasing a novel and is over the moon that Marvel artists are keeping in touch via e-mail. (x)

as for the vocabulary, here are a few examples that i have on hand:

Is there a member of One Direction for everyone? 

Is Niall, for example, the baby of the band and Harry the lothario?

‘What’s a lothario?’ asks Louis. ‘A womaniser,’ replies Zayn, who once had ambitions to become an English teacher. He pauses for a moment: ‘I think he was a character in a play by Shakespeare or, no wait, maybe he was from something such as Don Quixote.’ When I check later, ashamed of my own lack of knowledge, I discover Zayn is right, but his impressive response is quickly dismissed by the others who are eager to confirm that – never mind Harry’s status as a womaniser – Niall is indeed the baby. (x)



i’m not saying zayn is a genius and the rest of the band are morons because that is clearly not the case. but this whole “zayn is only quiet so people think he’s deep and smarter than he actually is” thing is a bit unfounded and feels like the whole “zayn has no personality” thing version 2.0 (and a bit oxymoronic because this would literally require some cleverness on zayn’s part).

as nicole ( ziiam ) pointed out to me earlier today: 

"i don’t think anyone is claiming he’s a genius, of course, but he is very intelligent. plus he doesn’t drone on. it’s random little things he says that call attention to his intellect." (x)

and as i said in response to your last message, zayn does reveal pieces of himself in interviews, especially when asked about things important to him, you just need to pay attention.

so like i said, you can believe what you want to believe; you are entitled to your opinion, but please do not try to insult my own intelligence by telling me that i’m making things up when i claim that zayn is smart.

Aug 30 '14



standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like “look at this fucking flower. this flower is taller than i am. this flower is winning and i’m losing”

Wow you are not ready to hear about trees.

Aug 30 '14


sophia got willie from duck commander to wish liam a happy bday

zayn got justin bieber to sing to niall

sophia smith and zayn malik for bae of the year

Aug 30 '14


today i was taking back calculators from my second graders because the problems on the next section were too easy and when one of them wouldn’t hand hers back and was quickly typing in the problems, i said “you don’t want to be a cheater, do you?” and she unabashedly told me she had cheated before and every kid at her table was like “me too” and when i stared at them and asked them why, she said “because people get mad when you’re wrong and they leave you alone when you’re right”

and this made me so fucking sad you don’t even know

Aug 30 '14

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Aug 30 '14


Chicago, 29/08

Aug 30 '14

St. Louis, 27/08.

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Aug 30 '14
Aug 30 '14

Lessons in “Don’t mess with Priyanka Chopra” by Priyanka Chopra (an excerpt)

Gunday was more of a special appearance…
Gunday a special appearance? Have you watched the film? I was the solo heroine, I was there in every scene… in 65 scenes…and you call it a special appearance! 

We got that bit of news from an inside source…
All your dumb questions so far came from inside sources and most of them are nothing but rumours. You should check with your source again. 

Have you moved away from typical commercial films?
What do you mean? Isn’t Bajirao Mastani and Zoya’s film commercial? Besides, there was Krrish 3 and Gunday. 

There has been talk…
Yeah, yeah, we know your paper runs on talks… 

But apparently you were unhappy when you learnt that Deepika had been finalised as Mastani?
Why would I be unhappy? I always knew that someone would play Mastani. It couldn’t be played by a ghost.


Aug 30 '14

an accurate depiction of me making new friends